Artwork by Clare

These pictures were created for use by plug-in makers for Ambrosia's science fiction computer game: Escape Velocity Nova (EV Nova). The estate of Clare Krauss retains ALL copyrights to ALL of her artwork, for all purposes (such as selling, publishing, displaying, etc.). Escape Velocity: Nova plug-in designers may use her landing picts (612x285 pixels) free of charge and as often as they like, so long as they obey the following restrictions:

*Give her credit in your plug-in (Clare Krauss, claretk (at) yahoo (dot) com,

*Distribute your plug-in only as freeware (do not sell it).

*Send an e-mail about which plug-in(s) you are using the artwork in, and where the plug-in(s) can be downloaded when finished.

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**ATTENTION! Click here for Clare's EV3 (Escape Velocity: Nova) Landing Pictures copyright and usage information.**

Any comments (or suggestions for connecting to web rings or links) can be sent to claretk (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Artwork created on Apple iMac and eMac computers with Painter, Bryce, and Graphic Converter.
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